Art therapy for people who have experienced trauma

Art therapy for people who have experienced trauma

The course is intended for professionals who seek to expand their understanding of their own and their clients’ art making with the aim of facilitating well-being and self-development. The course is suitable for professionals who treat individuals who have experienced trauma. Participants are expected to have education and experience related to therapy and/or have basic knowledge about art therapy which they may have acquired at another foundation course on art therapy.

The course will offer participants insight into the following aspects of art therapy for people who have experienced trauma.

Art making

From the perspective of art therapy, art making is seen as a useful resource for processing emotions and memories related to traumatic events. Making non-verbal images is a dimension which allows the client to express complicated and difficult memories and experiences which words sometimes cannot reach. The artwork creates a safe space where trauma-related emotions can be processed. A manageable distance is formed through the symbolism of the artwork. Creativity can give rise to hope and replace the hopelessness that is often a consequence of traumatic life events.

The Therapeutic Relationship

The therapeutic relationship is an imperative part of a safe therapeutic setting in which listening and understanding is offered. The art-making that takes place within the therapeutic relationship is an appreciated approach where an opportunity is provided to view the problems through the artwork from a manageable distance.

Course Content

The course offers participants insight into the above-mentioned topics, for example the ways in which art-making within the therapeutic relationship can aid individuals in gaining strength, life fulfilment, joy and hope, despite traumatic past events. The course consists of lectures, discussions and workshops where participants are invited to take part in the creative process and experience the possibilities entailed therein.

Further Information

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