Memory Through Pictures

Memory drawings

Visualization has been used as a memory retention technique since the days of the Ancient Greeks. However, drawings have only recently been applied to aid memory, for example in relation to mind-mapping techniques. In 2000, Unnur Óttarsdóttir conducted a study that showed that drawings facilitate long-term memory.

Memory drawings are contextualised in the lecture in relation to related theories, research and methodologies. For example, the reason why drawing facilitates memory is discussed in relation to theories underlying art therapy. Ethical questions are also raised from the perspective of art therapy in relation to memory drawings for children who struggle with emotional and specific learning difficulties.

Lecture held before

2017 Memory Through Pictures. Paper given at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts at a conference on Memory, Hugarflug, Reykjavík.


“Thank you for this interesting and illuminating lecture.”

Kristín Valsdóttir, Dean of the Department of Art Education, Iceland Academy of the Arts.

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