At Art Therapy Ottarsdottir a wide variety of lectures are offered for institution staff, social organizations and various other groups. The lectures are held at Art Therapy Ottarsdottir and in select locations relative to the need. Online lectures are also offered over the Internet.

For further information please contact us via email: unnur@unnurarttherapy.is.

Upcoming lectures:

Introductory Lecture I: What is Art Educational Therapy?

An overview of the basic principles of art educational therapy (AET) is presented in the course. Coursework learning is integrated into art therapy in AET with the aim of facilitating emotional well-being and enhancing coursework learning. In the lecture, examples will be reviewed which provide insight into the methods and concepts of AET. The lecture […]

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Introductory Lecture II: Art Educational Therapy and Writing-Images

In the art educational therapy (AET) research project introduced in this lecture, coursework is integrated into art therapy with the aim of facilitating emotional well-being and coursework learning. Theories and methods concerning “writing-images” are reviewed in the lecture. The concept “writing-images” refers to drawn images of alphabetical letters and numbers, which form part of the […]

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