A wide variety of lectures for institution staff, social organizations and various other groups are offered at Art Therapy Ottarsdottir. The lectures are held at Art Therapy Ottarsdottir and at select locations, relative to the need at any one time. Online lectures are also offered over the Internet.

For further information please contact us via email: unnur@unnurarttherapy.is.

Upcoming lectures:

Memory Through Pictures

Visualization has been used as a memory retention technique since the days of the Ancient Greeks. However, drawings have only recently been applied to aid memory, for example in relation to mind-mapping techniques. In 2000, Unnur Óttarsdóttir conducted a study that showed that drawings facilitate long-term memory. Memory drawings are contextualised in the lecture in […]

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Processing Emotions and Memorising Coursework through Memory Drawing

Ways in which drawings facilitate memory function are presented in the lecture. Examples are taken which are derived from a qualitative case study which shows the way in which memory drawings can be applied simultaneously for both therapy and coursework learning. A quantitative study is discussed which revealed that children generally recall drawn images five […]

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