Location of Courses

Diverse courses are offered at Art Therapy Ottarsdottir. The location of the courses depends on the needs of the customer, for example at Art Therapy Ottarsdottir, at the premises of companies or institutions, or at other appropriate locations. The courses are also held at the Art Educational Department at the Iceland University of the Arts and at the Continuing Education Department at the University of Akureyri. Online courses are also offered over the Internet. For further information please contact us via email:

Content of Courses

The courses are based on lectures, discussions and workshops, where participants are invited to take part in creative exercises and thereby experience the potential included in such work. Theories and methods of art therapy are reviewed. Prior knowledge or experience of art is not required for participation. The creative process gives the participants an opportunity to express themselves as well as to increase self-awareness and personal insight, all of which can facilitate positive life changes. Within an empathetic setting, the participants are given an opportunity to share their experiences, emotions and thoughts, thereby potentially attaining gaining new perspectives on their personal issues and projects.


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