A wide variety of lectures for individuals, institution staff, social organizations and various other groups are offered at Art Therapy Ottarsdottir. The lectures are held at Art Therapy Ottarsdottir and in select locations, relative to demand.

For further information please contact us via email unnur@unnurarttherapy.is.

Art Therapy – Introductory Lectures I and II

Introductory Lecture I: What is Art Therapy?

Introductory Lecture II: Art Therapy and Creative Power

The lectures focus on the basic concepts of art therapy, with examples that provide insight into the methods and ideas that form the foundations of art therapy. Participants are invited to work on a simple creative project, which provides a glimpse of experiences and knowledge about the possibilities which art therapy can offer. There are no participation requirements regarding the client’s prior experience or knowledge of art. The lectures are intended for anyone interested in art therapy.