Listmeðferð Unnar

Unnur gave a lecture on memory and trauma

Unnur participated in a conference about trauma and memory from an interdisciplinary perspective. The conference was hosted by the "London Center for Interdisciplinary Research." Unnur delivered the lecture "Memory Drawing for Children who Have Experienced Stress and/or Trauma and Have Specific Learning Difficulties" about her research on trauma, treatment, learning, and memory. She discussed how the children who participated in the research worked with their emotions relating to the trauma by drawing while memorizing coursework learning material through the same drawing. A child who participated in the research received 34 art therapy sessions, and his IQ increased by 16 points from the beginning to the end of the treatment. She also reviewed a study with 134 children which showed that the children who participated remembered words they drew nine weeks earlier, generally five times better than the words they wrote.

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